BEE Facilitation Centre

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), has initiated a number of Energy Efficiency (EE) initiatives in the areas of household lighting, commercial buildings, standards and labelling of appliances, demand side management in agriculture/ municipalities, SME's and large industries including the initiation of the process for development of energy consumption norms for industrial sub sectors, capacity building of State Designated Agencies (SDA) etc.

BEE has set-up an online Facilitation Centre for encouraging and up-scaling Energy Efficiency Financing in the country. The objective of the Facilitation Centre is to collect the willingness forms and spread awareness of BEE’s financing schemes among various beneficiaries like large industries/ DCs under the PAT Scheme of BEE, MSMEs, Commercial and Institutional buildings, Municipalities, Corporations, and Commercial establishments, prepare the list of Energy Efficient (EE) Technologies; and develop an Online Platform for mobilizing EE financing in the country. BEE has appointed M/s Darashaw & Company Private Limited as consultant for setting up this Facilitation Centre. The objective of Facilitation Centre is;

  • Spread awareness among the stakeholders on EE financing initiatives of BEE
  • To provide one-stop solution EE financing in the country.
  • To mobilize energy efficiency financing by on boarding of the Financial Institutions and beneficiaries on same platform.
  • To provide the details of existing EE financing schemes in the country.
  • To provide list of EE technology list
  • To track the EE financing across the country.

Potential beneficiaries can fill in energy efficiency project related information in the Willingness Form. These forms will be evaluated by the Facilitation Centre for Energy Efficiency loan/ financing. The Facilitation Centre may approach the potential borrower/ applicant for any shortfall or additional information needed to prepare the recommendation report. The Willingness Form along with the recommendation report shall be submitted to BEE before forwarding them to the Financial Institutions (FIs) for further processing. FIs may coordinate with the potential borrowers/ applicant for EE financing. The Facilitation Centre will track the status of loan financing with support from concerned FIs for each energy efficiency project.

In order to achieve the objective, the Facilitation Centre is closely working with SDAs, Municipalities, DISCOMs and other nodal agencies to organise a series of webinars/ workshops to reach out to hosts, beneficiaries and borrowers for their willingness to invest in EE projects.